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    We are specializing in manufacturing glass heating processing machine from our founding in 1998. We are the first group members of glass industry association. 4 series of machines have gotten CE certificate. 

    Our machines: glass vacuum laminated furnace, glass heating bending machine, glass heating fusing furnace, glass table bending&tempering furnace, glass heating soak furnace, AUTO/MANU glass sandblasting machines, glass washbasin production line and glass heating process nonstandard machine.

    We always advocates the concept of devotedservices,and constantly improves the customer awareness ,the sense of identityand reputation.Because of the love and passion dedication,we create a dream forevery customer with our love and passion.The pursuit of customer satisfactionsis our duty and mission.

    Service quality is the lifeline of thedevelopment of our company, all the work and effort is through professionalknowledge and information ,professional service process withenthusiasm,professional skill,intentions attitude so that every customer to buycomfortably,use easily and create values.

    Our commitment:


    (1) Suggestthe most suitable equipment models to guide customers to configure according tothe needs of customers.

    (2) Accordingto requirement of clients,we will provide machines catalog and device list.

    (3) Providethe relevant technical information of a list of equipment ,equipmentlayout,foundation drawing ,equipment installation diagram for reference.

    (4) Design andmanufacture of products according to the special requirements of customers.

    (5) Standardtechnical guideline and training before installation.

    (6) Sendtechnical personnel to the user site for planning,design the best guide theinstallation process and plan for reference.

    Sales :

    (1)Productionin strict according with the relevant technical standards.

    (2)Productionin strict accordance with requirement of client.

    (3)All theparts have though from strict check when they go out.

    (4)Test of themachine according to the relevant provisions.

    (5)Productsmanufacture under the strict inspection.

    (6)Productdelivery in accordance with the contract timely.


    (1)Establishexclusive files for you, understand the customers needs,provide active service.

    (2)Timely andefficient with standardized service processes:friendly,patient,professionalservice attitude.

    (3)Hot-lineonline service 

    (4)Providedoor-to-door reservation service during the warranty period.

    (5)Theoriginal accessories and thoughtful service quality during the warranty period.

    (6)Providefree remote diagnosis service.

    (7)Regularvisit system for post-sales service.

    (8)The strictsupervision and examination for post-sales service.   


    This line has been comprehensively upgradedby means of introduction of European leading technology ,world newest tech andprocess to eliminate the insufficient ,performances,incomplete functions andunstable operation from domestic glass loader.It achieves the long-term stableaccuracy and fast running,with the newest American Galil control system .Itfeatures even faster operation,higher safety ,higher efficiency,more stabilityand better accuracy .With the photoelectric positing, it facilitates the simpleand precise operation and prominent labor saving.


    Higher safety ,faster speed,better cuttingyield, more stable performance ,more complete function ,easier operation andmore labor saving.

    Applicable scope

    The liner or special shape suit cutting inconstructions,insulating glass.vehicles,household electricappliances,furniture,kitchen-wares, solar energy ,art glass-ware.